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Caves of Rescia, a spectacle by the Lake.

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Caves of Rescia

During the beautiful days that this period is giving us, the sultriness suggests that it is difficult to spend a refreshing day outdoors. And yet… The caves!

The caves of Rescia, Claino with Osteno, are your best bet to break the hot of these days and enjoy a new experience. From an opening naturally created, you can access at the 7 caves and marvel at how water power created, in the years, tunnels, majestic stalactites and stalagmites, along the eastern side of Lake Lugano. Don’t miss the Lake Cave, the Art Cave and the Santa Giulia waterfall!

The caves of Rescia are a gem of Lugano Lake, Intelvi Valley and all the province of Como.

Would you like to visit it? Is very simple: just go to Claino with Osteno, just a few minutes from Porlezza, and purchase your very cheap ticket at the price of €5,00 for adults and €3,00 for children ends at 9 years.

A bit of history…                                                                                                                                                                                         The caves of Rescia, as evidenced by some written, are a tourist destination since the ‘700, mainly to the nearby Swiss citizens. In those years the caves were open only if reached by boat and with the giudance of an expert who accompanied the casual visitors with a torch and ladder. After various reports, Rescia was famous for the extraction of travertine (Tuff), process that continued until the end of ‘800. Today the site is privately owned and operated by the family of Irma Vitali in Selva, who buy the land in the 1940s.

INFO www.grottedirescia.it

Come to visit Intelvi Valley and don’t miss a thing of its area… So much surprises, what are you waiting for?

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