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St. Giovanni Festival – June 24, 2017

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! Festival: St. Giovanni – June 24, 2017 !

What is the St. Giovanni Festival? Here the answer:

The St. Giovanni Festival is the most important of Como Lake for tradition, faith, art and folklore; with the scenario of comacina Island, that makes all magic!

This manifestation remember the glorius times of the Tremezzina area, during the “ten years war” when the comacina Island sided with Milano against Como. Thanks to the most spectacular and famous fireworks of all the Como Lake, with the burning of the Island, seems return in that distant years… A show not to be missed.

REMEBER: in occasion of the Festival, the Regina street will be closed from 8:00 PM to 0:00, in the stroke from Argegno to Lenno; the transit will be granted to the residents and the owners of one of this two pass: -RED PASS if you can park in a private property; -BLUE PASS if you will park in a special parking (€5,00). Is possible book one night in one of the big boat of the lake with dinner, or rent a boat at the special charteners, to enjoy even more closely the show!

INFO: mytremezzina

To rent a boat:                         Ossuccio                           Argegno                            Menaggio

Do you want to partecipate at the more exiting Festival of Como Lake but you are too far? We have an offer to you… If you book directly your room, we reserve to you a special discount. Contact us!! 031830345 info@albergolatorre.net

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